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  • Try to bring along reading material that takes place in the location you are visiting. This can mean nonfiction or novels set in the place or by an author from there.  Check out Annabella’s annual book lists and see what we’ve read during our travels (and just at home!)

Where to begin …

Our first step is to pick a spot on the globe where we have not yet visited. The choice is based on cultural or recreational interest, season, and price. Often a magazine article or website will highlight an interesting country or local city and give us the inspiration to go there.

Though we have our favorites (Italy, France, and the UK) we’ll go just about anywhere.  Even a trip to Detroit for a family wedding can turn into an adventure.  There’s something interesting to see or do just about anywhere you go – the key is to discover both the familiar sites and the hidden gems.

The next step is to research the best prices for airfare, hotels and transportation using the Internet and guide book.   Just type a date and destination and let the web do its work.  We utilize both portal links as well as airline and hotel company sites.  We also visit our local public library to borrow several guide books (we eventually purchase our favorite to take along with us later).  We do not use travel agents now and rarely did in the past.  It is time consuming to do things our way, but the rewards are worthwhile.  No one knows what we like better than we do, and researching is educational.

Baltic Sea resort, Poland

Baltic Sea resort, Poland

Make your reservations, but keep checking on prices as your departure date gets closer. Often times hotels and airlines have special package deals that appear for a short duration. Rebooking at the last minute can save you money (for example, our Hawaii hotel dropped from $400/night to $229/night from the time we first booked to the month before we actually traveled).

Then put your mail on hold, grab your digital camera and passport, then GO HAVE FUN !!!!